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Manhunt styled Jason Voorhees based on Mortal Kombat X design. Replaces Piggsy.


Installation You'll need Ultimate ASI Loader: Place the .asi file in the root folder of the game or scripts (create it if it doesn't exist) Usage Press 1 or 2 anywhere in the game, release all other keys first (just stand). NB: This mod most likely won't work with anything that touches debug menu entries.


Altering one of visionary decisions that was making all guns explode heads and disabling long range headshots from console version.

You'll need this:


Though porting animations might take more work than porting VC or stories ones to SA, Manhunt animations have extra spine bone which splits whole torso into 2 parts, you'll need to merge them to make them work properly in GTAs.

Pretty sure adding -windowed to launch parameters did that.

Features working weapon position places and weapon strap.

Que problemas?


btw. por favor usa ingles

Fixes disappearing decals, 60 fps patch and other tweaks. PluginMH2 requires UAL: Extract UAL (x86 version, 32bit, not x64!) to your Manhunt 2 root folder (where Manhunt2.exe is), rename dinput8.dll to d3d9.dll. Place .asi and .ini from plugin, check out ini for available features.

HUD inspired by Max Payne.

I do not use that mod, but PluginMH2 does not touch any assets so they should work just fine.

I can see that the radar is stretched, install Widescreen Fix. This HUD was designed with it in mind.

The Harwood Butcher with his casual and work outfits! Requires PluginMH. Extract "TommyVercetti" to data\skins.