Manhunt 1 Animations to GTA SA?

by dotz in October 18, 2019 22:57

Hello, I'm new on this forum, so if this is the wrong place to post this, please forgive me.

For a long time, I tried to import Manhunt anims to GTA SA, with failed results (anims looked broken..)

So I'm looking for help, does anyone know about a way to correctly export the anims and import them to SA?

I looked into the new MTH tool but didn't understand how to run it properly, but I think it won't help me on the case anyway.


welcome ;) i am not into GTA but u can load the animations into 3dsmax and export from there to GTA (both plugins are available)


You'll need this:


Though porting animations might take more work than porting VC or stories ones to SA, Manhunt animations have extra spine bone which splits whole torso into 2 parts, you'll need to merge them to make them work properly in GTAs.


I see, I tried doing it with the MH2 MDL/IFP importer for 3ds max, but the animations looked pretty broken, probably because of the two spines mentioned.

I tried to install MHT tool to see if it would work better, but I didn't understand it that well and the commands didn't work in Visual Code..

Any tips on how to merge the two spines? I'm experienced in 3ds modding, but didn't do something like that yet