Manhunt 2 - The first cheat code for PC

By Sor3nt

Yes, you've read that correctly. The first Cheat for Manhunt 2 was found after all these years!

Open the Main Menu and type "bananahammer"!

The cheat will be confirmed with a sound.

What will happen? You activate the Fun-Mode !

Manhunt 2 Debug Menu & PluginMH2 Update

Both plugins have been completely rewritten from scratch. Their codebase is now much easier to work with, they also have more features now.

Debug Menu is now drawn using a totally new method, this method allowed for submenus and overall nicer presentation. Weapon spawner now only displays available weapons. Added more options, such as weather control or player control.

PluginMH2 now integrates previous plugins, Clean Headshots and Firearms Executions are now part of the plugin.

Important detail of PMH2 update is decals fix, various decals would previously disappear as soon they collided with something, this update fixes that.

PMH2 update has been co-developed with MAJEST1C_R3 and sor3nt.


Debug Menu



*Blood Dance: A Manhunt mod.*


Lost Environmental Executions - The Vending Machine

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Grenade Mod for Manhunt2 by sor3nt


Manhunt 2 - How to add Enemy with AI

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Manhunt 2: Escape Asylum - Regular vs Alpha Cutscene

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Manhunt 2 - Built-In Fun Mode found!

By Sor3nt


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