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Hi everyone, can somebody suggest me some cool skins for "Manhunt 1" to play it?

Hi, nice skin dude.

Can you add GTA SA's wmyclot(shop staff) skin in manhunt 1 for MHplugin? Also the guy with the black tank in the manhunt poster would be really cool!

I just find out that the character in the poster of manhunt is one of the Skinz members, So you can port Wmyclot(staff guy) from gta sa to manhunt and release it for public, please? :)

Ciao, penso che non ci sia una mod per aggiungere più sangue in Manhunt 2 e 1, perché è abbastanza violento, ma per Manhunt 1 c'è una mod di effetti migliore che rende il sangue più realistico, puoi verificarlo

Yes i know, but you can make WMYCLOT skin from gta sa for manhunt 1 please?? Because your a talented person in manhunt modding

If you make wmyclot shop staff for PluginMH for me i really appreciate the help dude! 

Thank very much dude! Whenever you made it, i would be so grateful if you upload it in dixmore-hospital mods as you have done before, Thanks again! <3

Hi, there is not randomizer mod at all.

Hello again, its not done yet?

Thank you very much dude!

Thank you for creating this for me buddy! <3

Hi, i havent see any custom scene in Manhunt series.

Yeah, as it mentioned before, search EBay

Download it easily on Moddb.


It was GTA Vice City

This mod is really great, hope to see some updates soon!

Regards <3

Can you make VLA2 from GTA Sa to Manhunt 1 and 2, Please?

Nice Horror skin, can you make VLA2 from gta sa for Manhunt 2 please?

Hello WeidroSonic, because your professional modder, can you make VLA2 from GTA Sa for Manhunt 2 please dude? Thanks!

Thank you very much! 

I have another question man, i downloaded a skin mod for Manhunt 2 and it only replace Danny's Asylum outfit but not others(I mean Danny's Casual outfit and Leo's casual outfit) How can i replace it on other outfits? Please help me! <3

Thank you ! <3

Thank you! 

I will try it!

Okay, please make it, Thank you very much!

Okay, please make it, Thank you very much!

Hello again dude, i tried what you said and it worked for me! Thank you very much dude! <33333

Are you still making VLA2? i really want that skin because your only human that i know he is professional at Manhunt modding and i trust you!


Okay thank you dude!!! :)