Manhunt Remastered

by dixmor-bot in July 10, 2022 14:01

Manhunt Remastered is a complete overhall to the well known game! Playing it makes you feel like you never experienced Manhunt before! It Enhances the graphics by adding 60fps cutscenes, shaders, changing the FOV, and replacing the textures with Handmade HD Supersampling textures at a resolution of up to 1024x1024(normal is 256x256 or 512x512) The gameplay is way harder than normal, all Items(Pills, Weapons, Ammuniton etc..) are at hidden places you have to search for them! The Enemy AI is more Aggresive, the damage in and output aswall as the weapon range are improved Among other things there is a New Minimized HUD, New Blood Textures and Effects, better execution stage timings and thats just the tip of the Iceberg! Preview Video: Main Changes: Weapon Range improved Damage In and Output improved 60 Fps Cutscenes Changed Item Positons Less Pills Video Noise Removed New Firearm Sounds Fully HD Retextured Levels Shaders Added New Weapon Skins Every Person is upscaled New Blood New HUD New HD Cash Skin Enhanced enemy Ai Better timings for execution stages New Main Menu Edited Tutorial (in Level 1) Included: Heartbeat Loop Fix (by me(DeBuGWoLf)) Asi Loader (by ThirteenAG) Audio Fix (by Ermaccer) Crash Fix (by Ermaccer) Widescreen Fix (by ThirteenAG) Note: This mod took me 1 Year to finish i put a lot of work and time in Manhunt Remastered, i hope you like it as much as i do ;) enjoy and thx for reading!

I'll preface by saying this mod is badass. I love the way everything looks and how well done it all is. now to my gripes. You moved the weapon locations, you're messing with my game sense by doing that. Hell I had to fist fight the first hunter in the game because I couldn't find the plastic bag which is onto my other gripe. I can barely find weapons because thier glows are gone and they bllnd in with the darkness, especially the small ones. And the Cash model you chose sucks, so I have to swap it every time I use this mod but that's all minor stuff that is just nitpicks.

My biggest gripe is, I make it to the end of Doorway to hell and when I finish the level the game crashes so I can't actually play the game past that point which is driving me crazy. The room where you brawl with the hunter goes completely black but, I figured that's a design choice like the cash model. if its not then maybe its an indicator to why my game keeps crashing. Any feedback on this issue would be great thank you in advance. For the mod and any help about my issue.


This mod is really great, hope to see some updates soon!

Regards <3


I like this mod but I had some issues with it for some reason the cutscenes were on 3 fps and the audio was out of phase and the credits song was just loud static the lighting effect looks like aluminum foil 

also can this mod could be compatible with pluginMH?