Manhunt Remastered (XBOX)

by DeBuGWoLf

Manhunt Remastered is a complete overhall to the well known game!
Playing it makes you feel like you never experienced Manhunt before!
It Enhances the graphics by adding 60fps cutscenes, shaders, changing the FOV, and replacing the textures with Handmade HD Supersampling textures at a resolution of up to 1024x1024(normal is 256x256 or 512x512)
The gameplay is way harder than normal, all Items(Pills, Weapons, Ammuniton etc..) are at hidden places you have to search for them!
The Enemy AI is more Aggresive, the damage in and output aswall as the weapon range are improved
Among other things there is a New Minimized HUD, New Blood Textures and Effects, better execution stage timings and thats just the tip of the Iceberg!

PC Excusive (Shaders, 60FPS cutscenes)

Preview Video:


v1.2 (Initial XBOX release)

- Weapon range & precision fine tuned
- few texture improvements
- New Item halos
- New loading Screen
- Removed Edited Tutorial
- Added Widescreen & 480p patches (XBOX only)

v1.1 (Initial release)

- Fully HD Retextured Levels (PC < 1024x1024)(XBOX < 512x512) (normal is 64x64 < 512x512), the textures are made by hand besides a few exceptions that are upscaled via AI.
- Improved Weapon Range
- improved Damage In and Output
- Different and more hidden Item Positons
- Less Pills
- Video Noise Removed
- New Firearm Sounds
- New Weapon Skins
- New Blood (More Gore, better Textures, no ugly dots..)
- New HUD (Is very minimalistic for better and more realistic game feel)
- New Cash Skin ((PC = 1024x1024)(XBOX = 512x512) (original is 256x256))
- Enhanced enemy Ai (enemies are no longer nearsighted, are more skeptical and you get spottet more easily)
- Better timings for execution stages (from white to yellow, yellow to red takes a bit longer now)
- New Main Menu
- Edited Tutorial (in Level 1)
- 60FPS Cutscenes (PC only)
- New Intro Soundtrack (PC only)



Released on July 10, 2024 01:45