Lost Tapes IS BACK

by DerRitter in March 18, 2021 18:51

First of all, an apology for my absence, since 2017 the Manhunt community stopped liking me, getting to receive messages from users with a murderer complex saying that they were like a character in the game or that they had suffered the same (bullshit)
On the other hand, the garbage of a good part of the community that died with Project Manhunt Forums and of course, the same death of PMF.
But I know that they are not interested, let's go to the important thing, Lost Tapes.
I remember leaving this project in 2019 because it is completely difficult to modify Manhunt 1 (and 2 too) without something not breaking all the time, I continued the story until I had it finished, replaying both games to the smallest detail and reading absolutely everything. It came with it (guides, internal files, unused material, etc).
The story is already finished, the only thing left is to start doing absolutely everything so that it turns out the way I want.
I also got some questions that I have to answer:

- What is Lost Tapes?

Lost Tapes is a project that tries to give a logical explanation to the events of Manhunt 1 and Manhunt 2. Its currently video game format (due to limitations of the base game) is very difficult, so it may end up being made in comic format.

- Is it Lost Tapes Manhunt Beta?

Lost Tapes is not the Manhunt beta, but a continuation of the original game. However, many aspects of the beta of both Manhunt 1 and Manhunt 2 are going to appear here.

- Is Lost Tapes canon?

Lost Tapes is not canon, actually nothing you see here should be taken as something that has happened in both Manhunt 1 and Manhunt 2.

- What Manhunt events are used in Lost Tapes?

In Manhunt 1 all Cash events are canon until "Pool of tears" or "Kill the rabbit", from that point Lost Tapes begins as a "What if?", Where the characters not killed by James Earl Cash are: Starkweather , The White Rabbit, Ramirez, The Cerberus Leader and Pigssy. In Manhunt 2 All events are canon until its end, where the original ending is that of Leo Kasper, however the version used for the Lost Tapes canon is the "Pickman Project" mod (soon an update of this mod to connect it even more with Lost Tapes).

- What year does Lost Tapes take place?

Lost Tapes takes place in 3 different years: 2004 a year after the events of Manhunt 1. 2006 before and during the flashback levels of Manhunt 2. 2012 during and after the history of Manhunt 2.

- In which city does Lost Tapes take place? Lost Tapes takes place in both Carcer City and CottonMouth, but not in the same locations as Manhunt 1 and Manhunt 2.


Great 2c you back bud, godspeed. Always good to see an old face.




This will be a great fan made spin-off much love my friend mod or not


Dude, keep going with your project. There are many people who would love to see this come to fruition.