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I was bored so I wanted to transcribe this so-call... remember that on the manhunt 2 website before it w...
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Transcription of test subjects

I was bored so I wanted to transcribe this so-called umbra 13 translating it from Latin shadow 13 that what I read and understood they try to make an ointment for all types of burns causing good results to the first 2 to the 3rd and 4th a very acute pain to the 5th a coma the one who possibly never woke up poor bastard and the 6th who diedIt was half difficult but there it is only 2 words I missed because the burnt leaf effects no longer let me see anythingUMBRA 13OVERVIEWexperimental subjects had range of burns Inflicted while under anesthesic from intravenous meperidine injections the trial burn-repair salve was then applied to allow analysts of the salves tissue repair ability after two days the anesthetic was withdrawn to enable observation of the pain relieving effects of the salve results were mixed and further trial are recommended future trials should proceed without the supplementary anesthetic to avoid the fatalities caused by hypoperfusion in phase threeBURN INFLICTION 6 male subjects were selected with no significants health issues with 6 different degrees of burns to test subject was assigned at random to each burn class and assigned an Ident (1 to 6) subjects bodies were divided into test  regions for treteament each limb serving as a separate test region each subjects was restrained and anethetized prior to infliction of burns for subjects 01 and 02 a metal bar  was heated and applied to the skin for varying amounts of time for subjects 03 througth 06 a blowtorch was usedadministering first and second degree burns proved simple infliction of third degree burns was significantly more harder as the subject was cleary able to feel significant pain despite the anesthetic fourth and fifth degree burns were more straight forward due the extent of burning which quickly destroyed the nerves leading to inhibited pain sensation sixth degree burns characterized by charted bone tissue  proved the most problematic on the first occasion the sixth degree test subject suffered emesis due the smell of burn bones and despite our best efforts we were able to remove the gag in time and the emesis entered his trachea causing asphyxiation a substitute was quickly brought forward and the trials continued each subjects had 4 burns introduced SALVE APLICATION UNDER ANESTHETIC With each subject divided in test regions varying amounts of the experimental salve were to each region 5mg were applied to the left arm 10mg to the left leg 20mg to the right leg and 40mg to the right arm each subject fresh applications  were made every 6 hoursin summary any amount of salve offering was sufficient to cause 92% tissue repair for the first degree burns 20mg and over caused 87% tissue repair in the second degree subjects almost no repair was witreseed in the subject with  third degree burns and aboveWITHDRAW OF ANESTHETICto evaluate the pain reveling effects is of the salve the anesthesia was withdrawn 48 hours after the start of the trial first and second degree burn subjects had largely recovered by this time and the salve added sufficient analgesic effects so that they expressed little to no discomfort the subject with third degree burns gradually  began to expressed inmediating levels of discomfort incluiding loud screaming criying and shouting abuse at staff interestingly the subject with fourth degree burns even the skin irreviable damage took longer to begin to express pain then the one with third degree burns presumably due to extensive nerve damagethe fifth degree subject reactions was more dramatic the subject expressed severe pain within 30 minutes to withdraw the anesthetic he fell quickly into a coma from which he had still no woken 2 hours after the procedure the sixth degree burns reacted adversely to the withdrawl suffering hypoperfusion --- 15 minutes he was declared dead --- afterward though hypoxiapossibly translate the missing ones but that will be on another occasion

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Transcription of test subjects