Blood Dance Beta

by Haimar

Replace all folders with the ones provided in this file,
Replace your manhunt.exe for that blood dance.exe

Credits: Blood dance: Haimar
Deathwish: I don't know lol, but this mod use a great part of that mod
Pluginmh: Ermaccer
Beta cash: TripleAs
Order of the levels: Haimar
Beta hoods on the second level: Haimar
Beta wood bat: Haimar
Beta blackjack: Haimar
Hammers in the third level (time 2 die in this case): Haimar
The lost on the fourth level: TripleAs
Machete in that level: Haimar
The model of the katana: Ermaccer
Big Bag's blade: TripleAs
Big Bag's blade cutting up heads in his first execution: Haimar
Bat in the level number five: Haimar
Sixth level (in this case, mouth of madness) with skinz: TripleAs
Beta innocentz in all innocentz's levels: Haimar
New weapons in tramp's level: Haimar
Last level of the innocentz with the white shotgun: Haimar
The clownz: TripleAs
The clownz in doing time: Haimar and tripleAs
White shotgun in the second level of the clownz (In this case, follow the rabbit): Haimar
Scarecrow in the ramirez level: TripleAs
Scarecrow with his axe: Haimar
Beta icepick in ramirez's level: ZT
Metal bat in ramirez's level: Haimar
Camheds: TripleAs
Camheds in press coverage: TripleAs
Camheds in wrong side of the tracks (big smoke lol): Haimar and tripleAs
Sniper in trained to kill: Haimar
Hammer in trained to kill: ZT
And the last, but not least, the last level:
Beta piggsy: Haimar
Beta wire: ZT
Beta starkweather: Haimar
New menu: Haimar and TripleAs
New exe: TripleAs
Feminazi mod (extra) (Only spanish people would understand this): Haimar
Rabbit atack (extra): Haimar
Ps2 sickle: Ermaccer
Ps2 crowbar: ZT


Released on January 13, 2020 17:30
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