How to remove the Red filter in Manhunt 2!

by GamingDragon93 in January 28, 2020 02:35

To play Manhunt 2 Uncut

You only need to create a Shortcut from your Manhunt 2.exe

add  -stereo to the targetline. DONE! 

Start Manhunt 2 from your shortcut!

* Dont forget the SPACE it should look like this --- > "....\Manhunt2.exe" -stereo


I'll add how this works with the WII version of Manhunt 2.

First you have to use the LetterBomb exploit for your WII.

Follow the instructions step by step.

Finally you have to activate a cheat code via GeckOS.

Note that you have to start the game via GeckoOS in the future.