Just beat Manhunt 2 on the PC for the first time and it blew me away. Even the watered down Ps2 version was fun and it was one of my favorite games but I always knew it'd be better uncensored. There's so much shit they took out of the game and I knew this going into it. But Holy fuck let me just say that was a hell of an experience playing the original game in all its gory glory. The graphics and the controls were way better. I liked being able to use the razor and the bottle as weapons. The way Danny gets all bloody the more you kill. Then there's the sick sound effects like when you're carrying a corpse with a freshly bashed in skull and you hear the sound of the blood squirting out of the neck. It's the little things ❤. But those uncensored executions really sealed the deal. If only it was that way all along. Fuck censorship