MANHUNT 2 [PC] Port to the PSVITA PT.1

by Xela666.exe in January 30, 2021 14:52

Well to start off

It's a one man army (As of now)

I want to port the PC version of the game to the vita.

Like i mentioned before my cousin managed to port the first part [AWAKENING] but decided to quit on porting the full game and for my tough luck i don't have any idea how to port games from PC to Vita.

So let's keep in mind something, Manhunt 2 came out in 2007 for the PS2 and PSP, and in 2008 the PC version and the WII version came out meanwhile the VITA came out in 2011 so there is no problem for a game like manhunt 2 PC to not run on the vita. A PSVITA game can go up to 3.30 GB probably more if i am not mistaken and Manhunt 2 for the PC is around 3.12 GB which is pretty decent. The problem is the control layout and how to port it.

I have no knowledge on how to port a pc game to the vita for example DIABLO that got recently ported from pc to vita. What type of program do you use? I need some sort of information to help me get started.

I want to use the touchscreen of the vita as the mouse for the executions for example and the ps vita tilt for when the mouse asks to be shaken.

What type of programs do i need to use?

I know how the file layouts come

Since i have the psp and pc version of the game

I have UMDgen for example for the PSP and it shows the files 

And its kinda similar to the PC but when i see psvita games and see it's layout its pretty different and it ends with different letters for example .INI .EXE etc.. can be different so idk in which it can work.

The control layout is there for the psp version and ps2 but the problem is i want to use touchscreen aswell but idk how i can activate it.

As of now i will start thinking of ways to port the pc game to the vita 

But if any of you know anything on how to get started for example 

How to port a basic pc game to the vita 

Or any knowledge on the files for manhunt 2

Send a link to an article or video

It would be of great help 

Thanks so much.



Like tony said check out the Discord for quicker and full support. Ive dabbled in some Vita MH 2 Modding myself nothing on that scale though its been awhile.  I removed that color effect filter over the executions and even ported the pc blood too my version of the game, however the blood was glitched and not very stable. If you need help with one of those aspects let me know ill do my best, however as far as porting most if not all of the Pc version to the vita I recommend seeking those out on Discord for advice.