3ds max Manhunt 2 export to gta sa (help)

by vandoza in November 5, 2020 14:31

Hi guys

such a problem .. when I add textures to the object, they take the correct shape.

But after exporting object the textures go crazy. - https://imgur.com/a/15Pv7hn

I have been working in 3ds max for a year and I have never encountered this. So how to solve this shitt... ?






Did you use my MDLIO to import to 3dmax?

Then you use KAM GTA DFFIO to export to DFF file?

This involves a technical problem, because the MH2 model contains UV2 coordinates, so when the developers export, the vertices, normals and texture coordinates will increase several times. If I import the original data into 3DSMAX, its normal will be damaged and the model will not be smooth. So the solution to the problem, I used welding vertices, so after importing 3DSMAX, the number of vertices is reduced, but the texture coordinates still maintain a certain number, the texture coordinates and the number of vertices are not equal.

KAM's DFFIO does not support the situation where the number of textures and the number of vertices are not equal, so it will be damaged, because it only exports the same number of texture coordinates as the number of vertices by default, and the extra texture coordinates are discarded. KAM's DFFIO did not consider such problems. It is flawed.

My MDLIO plug-in supports this situation, even if they are not equal, they will still be automatically filled when exporting, so my MDLIO is only for MH2 MODDING. If you want to export to other games, if this plug-in does not support this situation, there will be problems like the one you encounter.

Perhaps I will revisit this question and add a new option to switch whether to weld the vertices. This way the normals may be damaged, but their numbers are equal.


The problem you reported has been fixed.

You can try it in the new version of the MDL plug-in later.