- Multiple playable protaganists, employed by a younger Starkweather just beginning his foree into his clandestine snuff empire in Carcer and his stranglehold on the city's various criminal organizations, a few from most of the gangs Starkweather ultimaley employs in Manhunt, a Hood who needs the money, an Innocentz devil worshipping gangster who's psychic stability is teetering on the edge between his philosophy on the world, the extent of his drub abuse in conjunction with child hood trauma a complete psychotic , a corrupt cop whose vigorous abuse of authority has left him hungry to kill, (serving as Starkweather's eventual landline to the CCPD once the money starts rolling in) a private sector mercenary who's apathy to mankind through his profession has left him completely sociopathic and numb (this would later be the commander of the Cereberus Unit),  Ramirez being chief amongst  his organization but having to be unlocked later on, as Starkweather's "pinch hitter" of sorts for leading up to the more climactic setpieces once Starkweather is verging on taking over the city.

- Thematically it reutilize Carcer's allegory as a city that functions like a larger prison in terms of how the poverty, crime ridden enviroment of Carcer served as the bridge that gapped the dark paths the varying protaganists eventually embark upon. Mental illness, poverty, childood trauma & abuse would be the primary pivots for these later motivations, all factored out of circumstance. Maybe exposition in the form of some pre-mission vignettes featuring flashbacks, nightmares, household exchanges between poor and/or bitter people, or hallucinations that keys you in on the varying protaganists' state of mind.

 This excludes Starkweather, who's as machavellian and shifty as ever, beginning in a bit of desperate and deranged instability after being kicked out of Hollywood and losing his career (think of your average GTA mission giver, neurotic and ultimately untrustworthy), that gradually increases to malevolent satisfaction as he begins to  "consume" his own snuff product (That's how I feel it should be conveyed to the viewer, at least, voracious and sexual gratification in a despicable manner, something increasingly alien and creepy as Starkweather's voyerism becomes boundless and unsatiably demanding), to eventually grin wide, complete sociopathy where even his own men are nothing but objects for his satisfaction as well, and Starkweather's comfort as a "Director" with complete control of his world and all the players in it from his Hollywood days has returned.

The kind of "Hey baby" smooshzy director-hollywood speak that's all smiles and nothing behind the eyes. Completely in control of his world but also clearly out of it mentally. He now treats his snuff films like a hollywood production and now he has the budget and resources to boot by the game's end. The game ending on a dark note of his victory over the city, probably killing off one or several of the protaganists who helped get him this far once he felt they were getting out of line, cementing his control over Carcer and it's inhabitants, the only silver lining being that the player will know of his eventual downfall in the events of Manhunt.

- Pigsy should probably be there for either the last few missions as a protaganist or a final boss along with Kenneth Jasperson in the aforementioned "Pigsy debacle" Jasperson's said to be cause of, thusly showing you his arc into madness that renders him in the psychotic state he's in by the time of Manhunt, likely having to do with being captured by the Smileys & Jefferson and being drugged/tortured/abused in the criminally insane wing of the penitentiary, corresponding with the theme of dark enviroments breeding dark results (maybe shot in a similar manner to some of Manhunt 2's warped dissociative/hallucinatory/brainwash scenes as a sort of callback or parallel, at least once Pigsy starts breaking down and begins to believe he is his own namesake) until eventually breaking out and beginning his killing spree.  Either way I feel like Pigsy at least should then have a resolution mission leading to him being trapped in Starkweather's mansion, and/or perhaps a hallucinatory/psychotic sequence episode leading to an alt. ending mission that really only take place in Pigsy's now completely warped psyche. (Maybe seeing whisper's/brief visions of Cash in seldom to paralell back to the events of Manhunt in the earlier/mid segment whilst Pigsy is rampaging, and establishing some bizarre clairvoyance/ intution of a disturbed mind. It would serve as the likely obligatory Cash reference beyond perhaps some mention of a serial killer stalking the town in newspapers or the journalist on a radio program, which of course be in reference to Cash before he was imprisoned.)

Pigsy would probably be more like/feel more like a bonus mission in that his mechanics would be less stealth ala Michael Myers and more howling wildly and cutting through everythingi in your path ala Leatherface. If the mechanics were well rounded enough and actually fun despite not being the main focus of gameplay (Still want to preserve the balance of a stealth slash film escalting into criminal shootouts pacing of 1 & 2) I'd think giving him some actual bonus content missions were you get a few more scenarios for that playstyle, even if shorter in length

- Bonus missions would be hosted by the "Mr. Nasty" character the game's manual and website refer to, a deep voice modulated "announcer" of sorts changing up the meta of the sound design from being a satire on movie director's to gameshow/sports commentator's or announcers.

- Utilization of the first game's beta/unused concepts and designs, The Jury, The Lost, The Clowns,  Kenneth Jasperson/The Scarecrow as the gangs/rivals Starkweather's people have to contend with. The Camhedz uncanny design I think should serve either as hallucinatory (maybe for Starkweather considering his taste for voyuerism and increasing psychosic?) or hidden cameos or easter eggs the player has to spot lurking above high on rooftops or in hard to see/secret areas on the game's levels. The Clowns would have the art musuem owned by James W. Gacy mentioned in the concept art.

- For pretty obvious reasons, a skinz protaganist wouldn't play, back then or even now, and for good reasons I believe. I think the proper way to show their eventual involvement in Starkweather's world and be canonically consistent would be giving the junkyard to them after one of the protaganists he employs goes through the effort of clearing it of the Lost and killing Bin-Bag. This would serve as a slight to the player-character who completed the mission, whose intentions were to clear it for their interests/gang. It would also serve as part of Starkweather's arc of descending further in amorality and depravity, and the beginning of the some of the protaganists sensible distrust of Starkweather as an employer, who pays well but sees everything around him as dispsosable and life itself as negotiable

- Jasperson as a bonus unlockable character as a skin for your default mission designs complete with auditory hallucination sound design overlapping or outright replacing Starkweather's audio. This same sound design should be implement for varying degrees of waning mental faculties the protaganist have. (e.g. Ramirez/the merc would suffer ptsd flashbacks from their time in a battlefield, the innocentz member should suffer hallucinations from his drug abuse, the hoods member might recall his father's verbal and physical abuse, as well as domestic fights with unfufilled girlfriend or wife.)

- Bonuses would include amongst the usual cheats for unlocks, a variety of filter settings to elecit a different look or feel from the game whilst mainting the consistency of both the narrative's use of film/recording as well as the theme of voyuerism for the player. Some different VHS type filters, options for film grain, maybe something to resemble a cam-corder feel, a compressed pixelated filter ala Kane & Lynch 2, maybe even a few depicting a warped perspective as opposed to a film recording (ala Manhunt 2) as well as a toggle determining whether you have filters on for the entire game (cutscenes and all gameplay), just the exectutions (ala Manhunt 1 & 2) or none at all.


Probably an unorganized clusterfuck of a post but it's 3:00 am and I could probably use more caffiene. I feel like enough was left on the cutting room floor in content between MH1 & 2 that the safest bet for a another succesful entry in the franchise in this day and age would be to go with the familiar and more widely accepted backdrop of Manhunt 1 and integrate unused concepts from both that didn't make it in their respective entires, the fans seem to have a strong appreciation for the lore of the beta designs and concepts of 1 especially, seeing how the modding community has put their passions onto seeing them realized in fully fleshed out 3D.  (I love 2 and it's themes extending to critisism of the U.S governement, particular meta about game violence, society and media at large but I feel that comes with it's own set of burdens on a production, and Manhunt, whilst having an avid fanbase, is certainly not R*'s most accesible license to push out in today's more temperate social climate) 

Tell me what you guys think.